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2Checkout Experience

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2Checkout Payment Gateway

Day 3.

One of the biggest challenges we faced after launching the store was how to process people's payments and well we shopped around. It wasn't easy at all to get to know which one makes sense to our store needs. There are hundreds of such payment platform you definitely have to set aside at least a day to   Anyway after two weeks of  back and forth we finally received our approval email. A gentleman called Alex Wynn was very helpful throughout the process. As it is now we have integrated our store with 2Checkout. We were beyond elated 


The process begun with me checking their website, this was after noting that they integrate well with my store cart that is powered by Shopify. Filled in the long form, didn't take me long but soon was done and waited for the first questions that arrived by email 3 days later (had applied during the weekend). Answered and most of them were to deal with the display of relevant store policies on our online store, the others were to deal with our affiliate links with our suppliers. We got all those issues sorted out and our portfolio was sent to Compliance.

Signing Up Fees

We didn't pay any signing up fees, they will get paid as and when they process your payment. I found this to be fair considering that as a startup the last thing you want is to spend money on futuristic goods. They also have bulk fees (for payments above $50,000) i haven't even begun to check that.

Technical expertise Needed

I am definitely a clueless person when it comes to IT and all its requirements BUT i was able to do it, can you actually start to imagine how easy it was and integrating with Shopify was just as easy too took me less than 5 min.


I will update once i start getting reviews from our clients too.



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