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Finding Red Emily Lookalike

We will be blogging about our experiences as we help you our clients in finding that Perfect. Today we were tasked by our client in Ireland to find her an Emily Leather Tote Lookalike, because she liked the LOOK, but it had to be Red. Unfortunately for us, the Emily Tote doesnt come in red, so we had to dig into our expansive catalogue.  

Emily Leather Tote


 She had liked the Emily for its well designed and statement making nature, it is indeed a handbag that speaks. Emily Leather Tote comes in 4 colours (Yellow, Black, Cream and Pink).

We gave her 4 options and am glad she found the right handbag. Our proposal to her are laid out below. 

Pochette Designer Bag


We were attracted to this bag due to its vivid colour,  and strong handles that make a statement. This bag comes in 4 colours (Black, Gold, Orange & Red). Unfortunately Pochette didn't make the mark. 


VEE Classic Tote

The Vee Classic Tote made it to our shortlist due to its similarity even though in a different way to the Emily. When we searching our catalogue for Red, we just fell in Love at first sight. its a to have. This Tote comes in 3 colours (Red, Grey and Black). Its a Vintage genuine leather bag, it is a keeper. Just like the Pochette, the Vee didn't impress our client. 


Alexandra Leather Printed Tote 


As far as the Shape was concerned this the handbag i felt closely resembled the Emily especially when you also consider the Accessories. This Alexandra comes in 7 colours (Red, Sky Blue, Blue, Black, White, Pink and Purple). The Alexandra also didnt impress our client. 


We added the Leyla on the shortlist as an afterthought as i felt the Red wasn't as Vivid BUT there was something about this bag. Well our client just loved this bag and she went for it. You too can also get the Leyla, it comes in 3 colours (Red, black and Grey). 

Join us tomorrow on our Day two as we go through the process of trying to get our clients their perfect Genuine leather handbag. You too can contact us so as to link you with that perfect Genuine leather Handbag you have been longing for. 

This is our 1st Post of the 100 Posts we will share with you in our quest of ensuring that each woman gets a chance to own at least one Genuine leather handbag in their lifetime.

Be a Part of fulfilling our Mission. Get your Genuine Leather Handbag Today.


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