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About Us

We believe that every woman in the world deserves to own at least one beautiful well designed leather handbag in their lifetime. Chaife was created to fulfil the need for access to affordable and high quality handbags and accessories. Your need of a beautiful bag is what drives us and hence we strive to stock only the best and the most affordable. Access to a beautiful bag is no longer determined by one's location, but any one with an internet connection will have a beautiful hand on their arms.  

How Will we do it 

By creating an accessible website that stocks beautiful and yet affordable collection of handbags that ensures more people have a choice and can find a handbag they love and can afford. Unfortunately, this is not enough without your support, to push the word out there and ensure that more people get to know about Chaife and all the beautiful possibilities it provides. By purchasing a Chaife bag, sharing it on your social media networks, you help in your own way and by the time we clock a YEAR we want to have served each of the listed countries in the world. 

How are our Bags made

Our handbags are made from Genuine Leather that has been ethically sourced. This is from By-Product leather usually from the meat producing factories. Instead of throwing it away and filling up the landfills, our partners produce these amazing bags. 

Your Stewart  

My name is Siku Nkhoma, and I have always struggled to source or get a good handbag and I realised that it means I am also facing the same problem like every other woman across the world. Am a married mom of three girls, and besides take care of the girls, I want to bring the handbag closer to you, wherever you are in the world. Let me help you choose.


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